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Bereavement Doula - I provide emotional, educational, and physical support to those in need of support through the loss of a child. This includes, miscarriage support, stillbirth support, and infant death support. I am here for you as someone who has been educated to handle these situations, and as someone who has personally been through the death of a child myself. I am here for you.


End of Life Doula - it is my job to be present. Present for the dying, present at the time of death, and present for the family. Dying can be scary for everyone, and it is a part of life that we shouldn't have to go through alone. Life matters. I am here for you.

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About Salt & Light

My Story

As a fairly new doula, I am learning as I grow, but that does not mean I am not seasoned in training. The journey began when I gave birth to my stillborn son in June of 2018. It was then that I wanted to do something that made a difference. So I began my journey as a loss mom. Determined to not allow my son's short but meaningful life to be forgotten. First, we created an organization, Reece's Blueprint, to aid other organizations (such as Missing Alexis, Raising Blue, Molly Bears, and Mackenzie's Marvelous Adventures) with their programs to help the loss community. Then I wrote about my experience in Fishing with Reece, so other loss mom's had an additional resource. 

It was then I realized that there really hasn't been a positive death movement. We are all afraid to talk about it, but the fountain of youth is not real. We all die at some point in time. Shouldn't we empower one another to die in the best way possible? So, on top of my birth and bereavement training, I decided to become an End of Life Doula. To help those who are trainsitioning into end of life, those who just receied a fatal diagnosis, and those who just need help getting their affairs in order. For months, to years, to emergency situations, I am here through it all. For if life matters, death should matter too. Let's start the Death Positive Movement.

To learn more about me and the services that I offer, please get in touch.



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